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8 Ways Fleet Drivers Can Stay Alert

Fleet drivers are challenged with many obstacles in remaining awake and alert while on the job. Although there are many safety precautions implemented to assist drivers, it is essential company drug and alcohol policies prevent drug use amongst their drivers. DOT compliance services identifies factors that aid in regulating compliance within the workplace. When employers align their policy with DOT, employers are able to ensure a high quality and effective policy that will aid in the prevention of drugs and alcohol within the workplace.

Transportation accidents are the leading cause of work fatalities in Texas. Establishing programs that focus on DOT compliance services will aid in promoting a safe workplace environment. DOT creates, enforces policies, implements, and practices policies that foster a high level of safety within the workplace. DOT policies demonstrate a no tolerance for drug and alcohol use. As a result, it is essential fleet drivers remain abreast of these regulations to ensure compliance with company policies.

8 Ways Fleet Drivers Can Stay Alert

Fleet drivers are at a greater risk of fatigue due to the nature of their job. The distance driven and hours of service play a major role in the challenges a driver may confront impacting alertness and performance. DOT compliance services can assist companies in regulation and compliance to promote awareness and safety within the workplace. Here are some options that can assist fleet drivers in remaining alert on the job while also being in compliance with DOT regulations:

  1. Remain Hydrated– Ensure drivers remain hydrated by consuming plenty of fluids to keep the body from being sluggish.
  2. Chew Gum Or Sunflower Seeds– Drivers can remain alert by chewing gum or sunflower seeds. This has proven to be most effective in keeping the mind active and alert.
  3. Listen to the Radio– Listening to comedy and music can aid in keeping the brain active while driving. The driver can laugh and sing along to the radio which will assist in maintaining focus and enthusiasm.
  4. Keep Eye Drops Handy– Oftentimes a driver may experience dry eyes. Keeping eye drops readily available can be beneficial when the drivers’ eyes begin to dry out.
  5. Rest and Sleep– It is important fleet drivers obtain the proper rest to be able to perform the essential components of their job.  Furthermore, this can aid in the diminishing fatigue and drowsiness which is oftentimes attributed to inadequate sleep.
  6. Caffeine– Many drivers may find consuming caffeine can be beneficial.  Caffeine is oftentimes over-used; however, it has proven to be effective in boosting reaction time. 
  7. Open Windows- Rolling down the windows and letting in fresh air can also assist drivers in staying awake while driving. Rolling down the windows and allowing air to circulate within the truck can give a driver the pickup needed to be efficient on the job.
  8. Naps & Breaks– Taking periodic breaks and naps can rejuvenate drivers and give drivers the needed energy to remain alert while on the road.

The safety of drivers remains to be a key concern in policy programs. Therefore, many approaches can be implemented to influence practices that encourage safety. Employers should use factors aligned with DOT compliance services to aid in regulating drug and alcohol policies and promoting safety within the workplace.

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