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Workplace Wellness

Occupational Health & Injury Care services are an integral part of a comprehensive safety program.

Workplace Safety Screenings provides top-tier occupational medicine services, led by our trusted team of specialists. We believe the best care is preventative care. Our comprehensive safety programs keep your crew safe, ensuring they remain healthy and productive while minimizing operating costs.

Workplace Safety Screenings handles injury care and post-accident recovery, providing appropriate treatment and avoiding unnecessary procedures and medications. 

Through our exclusive network of healthcare professionals, we support you through every stage of injury care and post-accident recovery, delivering appropriate treatment while mitigating the risk of over-utilization or excessive medical procedures. 

Our comprehensive physical examinations not only adhere to industry regulations, but confidently determine every team member's readiness to meet the physical demands of their respective roles.



What is occupational health?

An occupational health program maintains a workforce that is medically and physically able to function at peak performance. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) does allow an employer to screen qualified applicants to determine their ability to perform essential job functions. An employer may consider withdrawing a job offer if the prospective employee is found to pose risk to himself/ herself or others while performing the essential functions of the job. We can help you promote wellness and productivity throughout the workplace.

An occupational health program can:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Decrease downtime
  • Promote safer work environments
  • Increase cost-effectivness
  • Eliminatee excessive worker compensation claims
  • Reduce potential lawsuits
  • Minimize sick leave

Find out how Workplace Safety Screenings can become your single source for occupational health.


Every dollar spent on wellness generates an ROI of $2–5 in reduced absenteeism, medical costs, and increased productivity. Are you ready to invest in your workers?


Experience the Benefits of Employee Wellness



Prompt injury care is essential when it comes to reducing recovery time and safely returning an employee to work. Our 24/7 medical team can evaluate an injury, decide the best course of action and ensure appropriate treatment is given. We manage post-accident recovery, reducing lost production time and lowering healthcare costs.

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We offer an array of physicals, including standard physicals, Fit-for-Duty exams, Oil & Gas UK (OGUK), Firefighter (CPAT, NFPA), and International Seafarer (Marshall Islands, Panama, Isle of Man). WSS's DOT-certified medical examiner can perform any required DOT physicals, including health history reviews and urinalysis.



We can reduce the risk of workplace injuries by ensuring your new employment candidates are physically able to perform the essential functions and physical demands of their job. WSS offers the EValTech Physical Assessment, which allows us to program in the specific physical requirement of a position, giving a much more detailed assessment of a candidate's abilities.

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Our certified medical examiners are always available to perform audiograms and visual acuity tests at our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that your worker's hearing and sight are protected and compliant with OSHA regulations.



Our battery of tests ensures that your respirators are sealing properly, protecting your workers from harm, and meeting all OSHA requirements.



Help reduce risk by educating and engaging with your employees, motivating them to participate in healthier lifestyle behaviors and keeping them protected from on-the-job accidents.


We can tailor the physical to meet your needs.

Whether you require a HAZWOPER, Heavy Lift, DOT, or DOT-like physical, our DOT-certified Medical Examiner is ready to perform the physical examination including health history review and urinalysis. Best of all, the examination can be tailored to satisfy your company’s specific job duties and requirements.

All physicals performed will evaluate the individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job while documenting pre-existing conditions that may pose as a potential risk factor to the individual. All physicals that fall under federal regulatory standards including the Department of Transportation (DOT) are completed in accordance with the specific forms and guidelines of each statute.

  • Standard Physical
    Our Medical Examiner will conduct a complete medical physical to ensure employees are ready to perform their tasks at hand. By carefully reviewing medical and occupational history along with establishing a medical baseline, we will ensure the long-term health and wellness of your employees.
  • Heavy Lift Physical
    When performing heavy lifting, moderate physical strength is necessary. Our team can help determine if employees are capable of performing their duty, eliminating injuries along with the cost incurred from related accidents.
  • DOT Physical
    WSS maintains DOT compliance by performing physical examinations which include health history review and urinalysis. We also complete the medical examination report for commercial driver fitness determination and its supporting documentation, providing the completed DOT card and uploading the results in the DOT National Registry.
  • Job-Specific Physical
    Our team of medical professionals will develop and perform physicals based on any set of job requirements. We offer a wide variety of physicals that meet the needs of each and every job, including Oil & Gas UK (OGUK), Fire (CPAT, NFPA), an array of International Seafarer physicals, and many more. We ensure your employees receive the right assessment and treatment based on the physical requirements of their work.

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Proper injury care, annual physical examinations, and post-offer screenings can eliminate excessive workers' compensation costs and potential lawsuits.

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