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Solutions for the Workplace: Cutting through COVID-19 Debates

“Compared to the early days of the pandemic, COVID-19 is now preventable, treatable, and controllable. But just as we adapted before, we need to adapt again. It is now for us to make individual choices to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. It is for us to know about and use the many available COVID-19 control tools.”


As debates rage about mask mandates, vaccination requirements and which governing body has the authority to limit certain freedoms as they relate to public health measures, Workplace Safety Screenings is providing solutions that can accommodate all points of view.


Whether you are suffering from Covid fatigue or you’ve barely left the house since 2020, the truth is we all want to be safe and healthy and we want that for our friends, family and neighbors as well. That’s why Workplace Safety Screenings offer common sense safety solutions that can provide peace of mind without encroaching on individual liberty or creating controversy at work.


As news hit that a federal judge lifted the travel mask mandate, debates lit up online regarding safety. One fallacy that ran rampant was that not being required to take a particular action was equivalent to being prevented from taking a particular action. While the CDC is not a governing body, it does exist to serve as a source of data that can inform both lawmakers and the public in disease control and prevention.


It is easy to get caught up in the debates, whatever side of the issue you might be on, but it is not necessary. If you’re an employer, we can help you settle the tension on your worksite by offering Covid testing and vaccination services that employees can participate in with ease.


“Testing is a core part of a public health campaign to defeat any epidemic or pandemic," Jeremy Levin, chairman of BIO, the global Biotechnology Innovation Organization…”


On-Site Covid Testing

On-Site testing is available for employees who are still concerned with returning to the old normal, but they also work alongside vaccine skeptical workers  who don’t believe a case of the sniffles should keep them from earning a paycheck. On-site testing can allow you to take precautions for legitimate Covid exposure without turning every case of seasonal allergies into a pandemic scare


Testing For Antibodies

Many people believe that they were exposed to Covid at some point. What they may have thought was last year’s flu, on second thought, may have been Covid. Other employees might be living in fear, unaware that they have already been exposed. At this point, natural immunity has been built up, but variant Covid outbreaks are still causing concern. Workplace Safety Screenings puts you and your employees in the know.


On-Site Vaccinations

If employees are concerned about the prospect of sharing space with someone who does not feel confident in a vaccine or cannot obtain a vaccine for medical reasons, giving that employee access to vaccinations and boosters can give them confidence. It also allows employees to easily obtain a vaccine if new information about testing or their risk vs. benefit analysis shifts their confidence in favor of the vaccine.


“We face the continued evolution of COVID-19 to a more contagious virus that appears in unpredictable waves of infection. We face a response to COVID-19 that is varied and at times contentious.” Scott Rivkees


Face the evolution of Covid with prevention strategies that work for everyone. Click here for Covid services from Workplace Safety Screenings.


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