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While the threat of Covid remains, with new variants always before us, we’re still finally seeing business life return to semi-normal. “Now Hiring” signs abound! This is great news for getting the economy back up and running, but it does present a problem for employers. Not only are you scrambling to fill positions (like, yesterday) you are also pressed by the need to make quality hires. Thankfully we have the solution.


Workplace Safety Screenings performs background checks and on-site drug testing, all day, every day, any day of the year. We can help you customize employment screenings to help you be certain that you have covered all your bases. Harvard Business Review estimated that 80% of all employee turnover is due to bad hires, but background checks make it possible for you to hire the right employees for the right positions without wasting time.


What to consider prior to performing a background check:


Does your industry require employee background checks or drug testing?

You need to be certain that your business is complying with your industry’s standards and that you are keeping adequate records of that process. Certain positions might require oversight by government agencies and, should you be audited and need to prove that you are in compliance, it’s important to make sure you have kept adequate records of protocols and procedures, all while ensuring the confidentiality of employee records.


What kind of testing do you need for the position you are trying to fill?

Entry level personnel with low-level responsibilities are generally tested less strenuously than those in management positions. Those who work in high-stress, dangerous situations, like those who operate equipment or machinery, or those who do their work amongst vulnerable populations, and can therefore pose potential risks to the general public, undergo the most rigorous of background checks. What testing protocol is right for you?


Do background checks vary based on location?

The individual laws on background checks may vary from state to state. In Texas, you can view the criminal history of an applicant for up to seven years. Some exceptions, based on salary, may allow you to go further into that criminal history since higher-salaried positions are usually accompanied by greater levels of responsibility with access to proprietary information. Employers can view both the civil and criminal records of applicants for more thorough insight into a potential higher.


How long does a background check take to complete?

Typically speaking, background checks can take up to five business days, but at Workplace Safety Screenings our background screening process averages 1-3 business days. When you hire Workplace Safety Screenings, you can also access a more complete screening than what you could do on your own by searching public records. Our services give you greater access and faster results, all while saving you time and building your confidence.


Now What?

Once you have these questions answered, you can develop a background check tailored to the needs of your business. We understand the urgency with which businesses need to be able to make quality hires. We also sympathize with the burdens businesses like yours have faced over the last 18 months. Let us help you get back to business with an employee screening program that helps you lower your risks, reduce applicant fraud, save you time and money, all while helping everyone get back to work faster.


Speaking of Work In A Covid World, Workplace Safety Screening also offers Covid Antigen Tests, Antibody Testing, PCR Swab Tests, Covid Vaccinations and most content here…

Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7
Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7 ~ SCHEDULE A TEST
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