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Staying in Business With a Virus That Is Here to Stay

The team at Workplace Safety Screenings works tirelessly to help business owners, like you, manage the effects of Covid-19.  It is not easy to maneuver though the barrage of challenges hitting you, your employees and your profits, but we are committed to working side by side with our clients to get their companies back to operating at full capacity.

Helping You Navigate Changes to COVID Risks and Protocols

Every day brings new information about the COVID-19 virus and its variants, putting business owners in a constant state of uncertainty about how to best handle the changes and the threats, all while balancing workplace safety, the  directives by government representatives, and the rights of employees.

Get Back To Business

For over a year and a half, businesses the world over have been anxiously awaiting a return to normal, but right when it seemed like we could relax and start putting the pandemic behind us, the Delta tore those plans to shreds. Our team at WSS is well aware of the challenges you are facing and we want to help keep your reopening plans on course, in spite of the fact that the guidelines we're given seem to change every week.  The good news is that you now have options. Your company does not have to sit by hoping to keep the virus at bay. With the help of Workplace Safety Screenings, you can develop a strategy to stay ahead of the curve without disrupting your daily operations.

Communicate with your Employees

If you are concerned about how to stay in business amidst a Covid pandemic, you can bet your employees are equally as stressed. They worry about another round of layoffs, if things get bad again, about how to recover from the financial mess the first year of the pandemic put them in, and about the health and wellbeing of family and coworkers.  Those of us who are business owners or managers have little control over  Don’t leave them in the dark. Be honest and upfront about your limitations, your plans for moving forward and the ways you are staying on top of every new development.

Keep Covid Contained

The reality is that we are all (and will continue) being exposed to this virus. Thankfully, Covid cases still boast an encouragingly high survival rate, but that doesn’t make infection any less unpleasant or terrifying. The severity of the virus and recovery rate depends on many variables, many of which are still unknown. The best thing you can do for employees is to offer peace of mind through a Covid testing program. Workplace Safety Screenings can be available to test employees on-site for recent exposure to determine if they carry an active infection of Covid. This allows you to quickly contain potential exposure and know with certainty when it is safe for employees to return to work.

You Can Give Your Employees Options


Many of your employees were the first in line to receive both doses of the vaccinations that have been given emergency use authorization. Other employees may be hesitant due to lack of data, but will be ready to schedule an appointment as FDA approval begins to roll out --- as in the case of the Pfizer vaccine that was given approval last month. For those employees, Workplace Safety Screenings is ready to assist you with on-site vaccinations. Our team has given nearly thirteen thousand vaccinations and we're prepared to vaccinate thirteen thousand more to keep everyone in business.

On-site Covid Testing

While most people are enthusiastic about access to vaccinations, other employees may have a medical history that prevents them from being able to safely take the vaccine. Those employees should not be prevented from working or coerced into getting a medical treatment that could cause long term harm. That’s why we offer regular, on-site Covid testing. Employees can still have peace of mind about preventing the spread of Covid without negative side effects that could result from preexisting conditions.

We offer:

    • Antigen Testing
    • PCR Swab Test
    • Antibody Testing

On-Going Medical Surveillance

There is another scenario to consider when it comes to vaccinations. You may have an employee who might be medically vulnerable to a vaccine, but still believes that taking the vaccine is a lesser risk than exposure to the virus. In that case, Workplace Safety Screenings can both administer the vaccine, as well as continue to monitor the health of employees for any adverse reactions that could result from the vaccine in combination with their medical history.  Our medical team can also monitor the health of any employee who tests positive for the virus and make sure they have what they need to overcome it.  We are aggresive in our efforts to return them to health so they can back to work.  

Covid is here to stay! There is no way around that. With a proactive strategy, however, you can keep the risk of Covid from running rampant through your workforce. Call Workplace Safety Screenings to get your plan in place so that you can not only get back to businesses, but stay in business, come what may.


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