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Open Wide: When & Why Oral Fluid Testing is your Best Screening Option

Drug testing allows you to determine if and when an employee or job candidate could be putting your business at risk. Testing an employee for drug and alcohol abuse can prevent workplace mishaps, injuries and fatalities, but drug use among your work staff varies, as does the most effective method for testing. Workplace Safety Screenings offers a wide selection of drug and alcohol testing options so that you can choose the application that best suits your needs.

For private employers testing potential job candidates or for those of you who want an option for reasonable suspicion testing, Oral Fluid Tests can be conducted on-site with accurate results.


What is Oral Fluid Testing?

Oral Fluid Testing, sometimes called Saliva Testing collects a testing specimen using a mouth swab or by having the employee spit into a container. The specimen is then either sent to a lab for testing, or employs the use of rapid, point-of-collection results. Oral Fluid Testing can detect a number of narcotics, including cocaine, fentanyl, marijuanna and over-the-counter opiates like hydrocodone and tramadol. Tests can detect substances that have been metabolized by the body within an hour and up to 48 hours from initial ingestion.


What Are the Benefits of Oral Fluid Testing?

Because Oral Fluid testing can detect drug use within as little as 30 minutes to an hour from ingestion, it is a great option for post-accident or reasonable suspicion tests. While these tests offer a shorter detection time, being able to determine an employee's recent use of a drug while at work can be beneficial for pin-pointing the cause of an accident or injury. It is also very difficult to cheat an oral fluid test since, unlike a urine test, the collection sample can be collected in full view of the testing personnel.


Are Oral Fluid Tests Cost Effective?

Oral Fluid Tests can be performed on-site and with little hassle. Workplace Safety Screenings offers on-site testing where multiple employees can be testing at once. This allows you to get the most bang for your buck and avoids the costs associated with loss of production or scheduling delays that result from sending employees to another facility. The less time it takes to conduct the test, the faster you receive the results and the sooner your employees can start or return to work. All of that adds up to cost savings for you.


Is Oral Fluid Testing My Best Option?

Oral Fluid is not right for every situation, but it can offer you the best testing options for particular needs. Oral Fluid Testing is not allowed by DOT and required testing for federal employees. It does, however, remain a popular option for private employers when a situation calls for a swift collection once an on-the-job accident has occurred or if you suspect an employee of working under the influence. At Workplace Safety Screenings, we suggest employers customize their drug testing program to incorporate several testing options based on overall business needs and to cover all the bases of workplace safety.

For more information on types of testing, best practices and reasons to test, Workplace Safety Screenings has all the answers you need. We can even help you start and roll out a drug-free work policy and training program, as well as provide on-going testing options for employees post-hire.

Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7
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