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Keeping Business Alive When COVID-19 Refuses to Leave

"The pandemic continues and we're going to continue working on fighting the pandemic and getting it under much better control,"  White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha


While certain parts of the U.S. are seeing surges and other countries like North Korea are reporting outbreaks, getting Covid numbers under control is still the priority of governments and business leaders.


“There is a threat and a likelihood that we’ll see a surge as we get into the fall and the winter. So we’ve got to be prepared.” -Anthony Fauci


The good news is that Workplace Safety Screenings offers a variety of Covid testing services so that you can be prepared. Not only can we come to your worksite to test for active Covid cases and perform Antigen, Respiratory and Antibody testing, we can help you develop a positive Covid protocol policy to keep your workforce healthy, as part of your workplace safety program.


The sooner you know if Covid has infected an employee, the quicker you can respond to limit exposure among the rest of your staff. With a clear policy in place, employees won’t have to guess as to when they can come back to work safely without being a threat to others.


“We’re not testing anywhere near where we might need to. We need the ability to ramp up testing as we’re seeing the emergence of new waves or surges to track what’s happening and respond.” -Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, Duke Global Health Innovation Center


As Covid cases shift from high-alert status provoking lockdowns to a common virus status that people expect to endure for years to come, testing sites have decreased. Experts are concerned by this trend and encourage ongoing testing. While local testing sites are beginning to disappear, you can maintain those testing services right from your worksite.


This week, the U.S. surpassed the one million mark on Covid cases as they are being logged by various medical institutions and the government. President Joe Biden remarked on the death toll at the second, global Covid-19 Summit. United States flags were lowered to half mass to commemorate the “tragic milestone.”


Today, we mark a tragic milestone here in the United States, 1 million COVID deaths." -Joe Biden


The President went on to warn against virus complacency. While fear is no way to live, Workplace Safety Screenings makes it our mission to combat both the fear and the reality of Covid with proactive solutions that can give you and your workforce peace of mind.


If your business is still under fire from Covid and your workflow and profitability are waning from the aftermath, don’t panic. For customized testing programs and onsite vaccination services, contact Workplace Safety Screenings. We can answer all your questions and create a safety program that can adapt and respond as Covid continues to evolve. Though experts aren’t letting up on dire warnings regarding Coronavirus and its variants, you can stay ahead of those threats with smart and simple Covid testing solutions.


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