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Rethink Your Hiring Goals: Pre-screenings For a Better Workforce

When it comes to skills-based jobs, an available employee should know how to perform the tasks required and be willing to show up every day and on time. When those basic criteria are met, how can you know that you’ve made a better hire than your competitor and what differentiates a good hire from another good hire or from an entirely wrong hire?


If you are filling a position based on the minimum skills level and availability, or by simply using an in-person interview and trusting your gut, we can help you execute a more accurate and sophisticated hiring process --- and one that comes with financial payoff.


It isn’t just about the cost of replacing a bad hire or protecting yourself from theft, the benefits of a right hire are both emotional and speak directly to the overall health of your organization.




Drug & Alcohol Testing

While this too feels like a basic hiring procedure, it can actually help you discern beyond what is visible. Even when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, there is a spectrum of disorders. Sure, you are likely to spot an impaired person or a candidate suffering from severe substance abuse issues, but can you sift out a recreational user who knows enough to put their best foot forward? What about a high-functioning alcoholic, who can even appear like one of your best employees, even as their substance issues continue to escalate?


Prescreening programs don’t just help employers separate the best hires from disastrous ones, they help you discern between a skilled employee and a skilled employee who will soon become a liability. When you make the right hire and you have extra screenings in place to confirm that a candidate is who they claim to be, it takes a certain amount of stress off of management. You’ve done your due diligence, so you are free to just keep production moving rather than fretting over whether you made the right decision.




Background Checks

In addition to revealing a dependency issue, a background screening covers a wide array of the candidate's background. These tests go deeper than just criminal checks. You can see other, non-criminal legal entanglements, past job performance and can confirm education and work history. Simply put, this process provides a formal way to ascertain the reputation of your candidate. The most deceptive people are also the most convincing. Background screenings protect employers from falling prey to charismatic, smooth talking candidates ready to disrupt your workforce.


Pre Screening programs allow you to hire honest, trustworthy employees. With this kind of confidence you are free to place your employees into the positions (even confidential or proprietary positions) that best suit their skill level and talents. For employees placed in public-facing positions, a high level of trust is all the more imperative.




Fit for Duty Exams

Occupational Wellness programs are the final step in the pre screening hiring process. These programs can help you determine a candidate's fitness for duty. Just like with a resume, skills or criminal discrepancy, a fit for duty exam can help you unearth what is not easy to determine with the naked eye. Just because an employee appears to meet the basic criteria doesn’t mean they have the physical strength or intellectual acumen to perform certain tasks. A fit for duty exam gives you the information you need to place each employee in the role where they are most likely to avoid accidents and thrive in a job that suits their physical capacity and skills.


Pre screening programs are not only about protecting you and your business from risks, they serve you further by allowing you to strategically hire the best employees and put them in the most advantageous positions. Ongoing testing also helps you maintain that positive worksite. When management can see beyond merely filling an empty position and towards building a cohesive team of the best employees in the roles where they will perform at their peak, everyone wins!


To find out more about how to create a better working environment for you and your staff, contact Workplace Safety Screenings.


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