One Size Does Not Fit All: Getting a Pre-Screening Program Customized for your Specific Needs

When you think about Pre-employment Screening, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably the cost, but if you factor in return on investment, you can quickly shift your focus from cost to profit.  You should always keep in mind, not only how much you recoup, but also the profits you gain, when you spend money on Pre-employment Screenings? 

Drug Abuse Costs US Businesses More Than 81 BILLION Dollars Annually.

Yes, that is billion with a B!  You may already implement drug screenings as part of your preemployment process, but it is also necessary to test employees who are being promoted, as a higher position gives more incentive for an employee to try and hide their habit as they are simultaneously being promoted to a position of greater responsibility.

Drug abuse can affect your business in a variety of ways.  Of course, operating heavy machinery, or working in dangerous conditions while impaired is always a recipe for tragedy, but drug abuse also shows up in the form of absenteeism and high rates of employee turnover.

  • More than 25 billion dollars is spent annually on loss of productivity/absenteeism due to drug sabuse.
  • More than 25 billion dollars is spent on health coverage for drug addicted employees
  • 80% of drug addicted employees will steal from their employer to support their habit. 


Worker illness and Injury costs US Employers $225.8 BILLION Dollars Annually

There's that "B" word again.  Occupational health management programs are designed to prevent illness and injury, and, therefore, the costs associated with them.  According to the US National Safety Council, companies save $37,000 on average when they prevent a lost-time injury.  Occupational health management programs allow you to minimize absenteeism and risk of injury by staying ahead of health concerns before they become a problem.  These programs allow you to avoid exorbitant employees. Everyone wins!

Workplace Safety Screenings can customize a health management program that adapts for individual departments and their unique health concerns, stress levels, exposure to workplace hazards and more.  You maximize every dollar of your investment with a program that meets your business' specific needs.


International fraud amounts to more than 5.1 Trillion Dollars Annually

We've now escalated from a capital "B" to a capital "T"!

The reasons to perform an employee background check are vast and complex.  Background checks can  expose everything from undisclosed criminal history, resume fraud, identity theft, and more.  A pre employment background check can determine if your job candidate poses a threat to the safety and integrity of your business operations.  According to Mind your Business, "Occupational Fraud and Theft is a problem that knows no borders, affecting employers around the world.  In fact, in the US, the average total loss per fraud is $1, 200, 000."

Jim Gee of Crowe, a leading global accounting network, warns that, "...too many organizations adopt a reactive approach to fraud and only look to tackle it once it has taken place, and losses have already occurred.  A change of perspective is needed."

Workplace Safety Screenings are the experts in building a multi-faceted approach to employment screenings that will reduce waste and turnover and protect your business from a catastrophic hire.  The ROI for pre employment screenings can be upwards of 500%.  Can you afford to take your chances without a pre employment screening plan?  What could it cost you?

Guard your business against bad hires and protect your profits from the unknown threats they can bring.  Call Workplace Safety Screenings to get started.

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