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Keep Your Vessels Moving: The Benefits of a Port Health Safety Program

Since 2020, Americans have had to think about the way in which all of the things that are usually found in local stores make their way to those store shelves. For two years and counting, supply chains have been slowed as cargo ships are not able to make their way into ports to unload the imports we depend on for everyday life.


Grocery shelves are missing products, automotive parts are hard to come by and overseas orders of all sorts are delayed or canceled. The public has gained new appreciation for those who work to bring these goods to our cities.


At Workplace Safety Screenings, we have a history of supporting these very workers. Our medical teams work to ensure that those supply chains keep moving, safely and without delay. A variety of Port Health services are designed to keep crews healthy as they keep our economy running smoothly. We employ every tool out our disposal, from Tele-Med to on-site medical teams, in order to provide:


General Wellness Exams

A general wellness exam will check a worker’s overall health as a preventative measure. It can monitor vital stats and check for any red flags that could indicate an emerging health concern and address it before it becomes an issue. During this exam, a physician will order screenings based on age, risks or family history to stay ahead of any areas of concern.


Physical Ability Test

A physical abilities test will help determine whether or not a worker is physically capable of performing safely in their current role or a job role they are being offered. This test will check a worker’s endurance capacity, level of strength, flexibility and balance. This test might be performed after an injury in order to allow a worker to return to their position safely.



Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to healthcare for the purpose of injury prevention or injury recovery and as a preventative to future health risks through wellness and fitness training. This therapy looks at a worker's overall lifestyle and fitness level to move a worker towards an increased level of fitness with a plan for maintaining a long-term lifestyle of wellness.


Cardio Stress and EKG Tests

This test will monitor heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure to evaluate blood flow and how a worker’s heart reacts to both stress and periods of rest. The purpose of this test is to determine safe levels of physical exertion and to monitor a worker for chest pain, shortness of breath or other factors that could indicate heart problems or abnormalities.


Audiometric Testing

Audiometric tests are used to check a worker’s hearing abilities, particularly if they work in conditions where they are exposed to levels that could promote hearing loss. This test will both check for any conditions that could have occurred due to prolonged noise pollution or as a way to keep a record for an employee as part of an occupational wellness plan.


In addition to these services, Workplace Safety Screenings offers fit for duty exams, prescription refill services, drug & alcohol testing and much more. We can come to you or work with your crew remotely in order to deliver a health and wellness plan that works for your business. To get started on a Port Health plan for your crew, contact Workplace Safety Screenings.

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