Help Wanted: What to Do in a Covid Induced Labor Shortage

We have no doubt, whether as a business owner or as a consumer, you are painfully aware of the labor shortage that is still plaguing the U.S. economy. The bottom line is, we need to get people back to work, the economy needs a reboot and you deserve to be confident that you are hiring the right people to make it all happen.


Are you struggling to fill positions because too many other businesses are trying to hire at the same time? Is it because many people are refusing to work from fear of Covid? Is it because people are being sustained through government assistance and don’t always need to work to pay the bills? Yes. All of the above (and more) is contributing to this labor shortage, but we have good news! This too shall pass. When it does, you need to be positioned to snatch up the best employees, now and in the days ahead.


You can prepare with pre-employment screenings.


Never Skip A Background Check

Labor is limited so there is no time (or money) to waste on bad hires. Your existing workforce is already bearing the burden of labor shortages. Hiring people who do not fit your existing culture and those who will cause disruptions from unethical or criminal work habits can cause your company morale to plummet. You can avoid bad hires by conducting a thorough background check from a reliable screening company. Even with candidates low in number, you cannot afford to skip this step. In fact, the cost of a bad higher will increase during a labor shortage.


The Average Cost for a New Hire Is $4,129. (SHRM)


Skilled Production Positions in Manufacturing Can Take an Average of 70 Days to Fill


Avoid The Dangers of Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Twenty million Americans suffer from substance abuse, 70% of which are employed. Many of those suffer from an abuse of more than one substance, a condition known as polysubstance abuse. Drugs and alcohol use among employees can be a financial liability in several ways. First, users in your workforce can elevate your risk of on-the-job accidents. According to National Oil and Lube News, nearly 50% of workplace accidents, including fatal accidents, involve drug and alcohol abuse. That is more than three times higher than accidents not stemming from substance abuse. Beyond accidents, employee drug use costs employers more than 60 million dollars annually in healthcare costs alone and average forty thousand missed work days annually… and that’s just for the manufacturing industry.


Drug Abuse Costs U.S. Companies more than 80 Billion Annually


Employees with Substance Abuse Issues Miss Five Weeks of Work Annually.


Eliminate Fear with On-Site Covid Testing

With Covid-19, followed by the Delta Variant, followed by Omicron, Corona-fear is alive and well and keeping people home. Your potential workforce wants to stay healthy, keep loved ones from getting sick and they are staying home to avoid the dangers of this potentially deadly virus. Helping employees calm their Covid fears has a simple solution --- on-site testing and vaccinations. Employees can test for an active virus and antibodies, as well as antigen tests without ever leaving the job site. You can get rapid results that will put everyone’s mind at ease and keep your workforce working.


Americans Overestimate the Risk of Death from COVID-19 for People 24 and Younger by a Factor of 50.

It Is Estimated That 20 to 35% of the People Who Contract COVID-19 Don’t Have Any Symptoms at All

The data shows that worker anxiety regarding Covid is exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do damage in other ways. The average recovery period for a positive Covid patient is two weeks. If that spreads through your worksite you will be suffering from abseetnism, slowed production and profit loss. Slow the spread with Covid testing.

Find the best employees, right away and with confidence. Workplace Safety Screenings can perform Covid testing, as well as drug and alcohol tests and background screenings with fast, reliable results.


Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7
Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7 ~ SCHEDULE A TEST
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