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"I Called Dibs!": Competing for the Best Job Candidates during a National Labor Shortage.

When a national labor shortage has you and your competitors vying for the same workers, how do you make sure that you attract the best candidates out there?  Finding employees who are fit for the position and have a strong work ethic, doesn't just happen.  Smart employers implement a strong hiring strategy to vet potential employees; drug and alcohol testing, fit-4-duty exams, and background screenings can all help you separate the good potential employees, from the bad. When you do find a great candidate, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, by showing that you prioritize the safety of your employees with a good Health and Safety program.  Better employees lead to fewer worker’s compensation claims and greater profits. The National Safety Council Reports that “Employers who show they care about the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs and fewer injuries.”

Back in 2018, before COVID-19 hit our economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported said that some of the biggest employment shortages included skilled labor industries. Imagine how much larger that deficit is today, as we continue to grapple  with COVID related labor shortages. The numbers still lag, even for companies who increased their salaries to attract new and better workers.

According to, many factors are contributing to the shortage, among those are the health risks associated with both the dangers associated with certain jobs and the continued risk of COVID-19 exposure on jobsites. Workplace Safety Screenings can help you address those both concerns, so your business will be known for prioritizing health and safety, which in turn, will attract you higher quality employees.


Lower The Risk of Work-Site Illness & Injuries

Employee Training

Train your employees to do their job well and safely. When employers put time and effort on the front end, it not only equips employees to do their best work, it also lowers the risks of workplace accidents and builds trust between employee and employer.

 OSHA believes that injury and illness prevention programs provide the foundation for breakthrough changes in the way employers identify and control hazards, leading to a significantly improved workplace health and safety environment.”


 Drug Testing & Prevention

Every year 4,500 employees die on the job, with forty percent of industrial fatalities being linked to drug and alcohol abuse. No matter the cause, death is always a tragedy, but it's much more so, when the fatality could have been easily prevented? In addition to deaths, 4.1 million workers suffer a serious job-related injury or illness, with 47% of industrial injuries being linked with substance abuse, according to The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. Those numbers won't do much to ease the concerns of potential employees, but we can help! Workplace Safety Screenings provides 24-7, onsite drug testing to prevent and reduce substance abuse that leads to workplace accidents

"Companies that value risk mitigation should really consider a drug-free-workplace program. Drug testing is effective in preventing accidents, health issues and costs, absenteeism, and litigation. Screening can also protect employees from injury and improve productivity.” -Dr. Todd Simo, HireRight Chief Medical Officer.


Covid-19 Testing

Even as we round out the last quarter of 2021, many workers still have concerns over the COVID-19 exposure risks in the workplace.  Businesses struggle with the anxiety of never knowing when or if some employee will be out sick with COVID. Workplace Safety Screenings has been at the forefront when it comes to helping employers navigate their COVID-19 confusion. We offer rapid COVID-19 testing, as well as antibody tests, on-site vaccination and boosters, and Quarantine Monitoring services.  It’s our job to help those who partner with us, reduce their risks and keep their team safe. 

“Minimizing employees’ potential exposure to COVID-19 must be a top priority,” - Miquela Smith, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist.


Build Your Reputation As One of the “Best Places to Work”

As you strive to fill positions remember that health and safety ranks just under pay, for most people, when they are deciding between two jobs. Workplace Safety Screenings is your partner in pre-employment screenings and occupational health management programs. When you implement health and safety protocols, it helps your business build trust in a way that will earn your business the kind of reputation that leads to better employees, a stronger workforce and greater profits.

Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7
Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7 ~ SCHEDULE A TEST
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