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COVID-19 Isn't Over: Attack It From Every Angle

At the writing of this post, almost 100,000 daily Covid cases and 322 average daily Covid deaths are being reported. Global organizations, the United States government and major pharmaceutical companies are still trying to gain control with new products marketed to combat this virus. From the beginning, Covid pandemic news has been a roller coaster ride of information, treatments, preventions and protocols. More than two years into the global debacle, it is clear that the best treatment is still prevention.



Testing is still the smart option for employees who may have been exposed to Covid or are suffering from typical Covid symptoms. Testing allows you to know if an employee should self-quarantine as a preventative to those around them. By removing an ill employee from your workfloor, you can protect your employees and those they will come in contact with, helping to  slow the spread of disease. Workplace Safety Screenings offers a variety of tests including:

  • Antigen Testing
  • RT-PCR Testing
  • RT-PCR Respiratory Testing


In addition, we offer antibody testing to alert your employees to a previous exposure and relevant insight into their susceptibility to Covid. For employees who choose to vaccinate, Workplace Safety Screenings also offers on-site vaccinations.



Throughout the Covid pandemic, there has been limited attention placed on real prevention methods. Though we know that obesity, age, pre existing conditions and vitamin D levels contribute to Covid vulnerability, they are almost always discussed as a sidebar rather than a meaningful step to slow the spread of disease.


Have you thought about Occupational Wellness as part of your Covid prevention plan?

With an Occupational Health & Wellness program you can help employees monitor or alter conditions that would make them an easy target.


Since over 80% of infections show mild or no symptoms, early viral clearance would dramatically reduce the disease's spread.


Host Wellness Events & Incentives

Covid is particularly dangerous to overweight patients. If a higher BMI puts an employee, or numerous employees, at a greater risk for Covid and Covid mortality, doesn’t lowering BMI seem like a reasonable and worthwhile prevention method? It may not offer instant gratification, but it will offer benefits to you and your employees that extend beyond the current risks of Covid.


“About 78% of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese.” - Center for Disease Control


Does your employee suffer from a pre-existing condition, either as the result of heredity or from exposure to job hazards? Monitoring how those hazards affect an employee’s health allows you to be proactive in terms of Covid or other viral infections. Helping employees get fit through exercise and diet recommendations can help employees stave off Covid, as well as decrease their risk of work related injuries and chronic pain issues that limit productivity.


“According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, chronic pain affects approximately 100 million U.S. adults and costs $560 to $635 billion per year in direct medical treatment costs and lost productivity.”-


Occupational Wellness isn’t just about virus prevention, but it’s one more way you can attack Covid, prevent injuries and promote a safer work environment. Covid is a catastrophe that did much damage to businesses, but don’t let your focus be too singular. Good health is a defense against Covid AND all of the other threats to sustained productivity. Always be on alert! At Workplace Safety Screenings, we can draft a comprehensive Covid prevention plan that includes both on-site testing and vaccinations, as well as employee health incentives and monitoring through an Occupational Health & Wellness plan.


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