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Check the Label: Confusing results aren't the only risk with At-home COVID-19 tests

When will the negative news about Covid come to an end? While we are now seeing less severe Covid-related health threats, the not-so-good news keeps coming. One of the Covid protocols is to quickly get tested if you feel symptoms coming on or if you know you have been exposed. Rapid At-Home Tests have made things easier, but there can be health risks involved.


This blog by the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center is warning at-home testers of a potential exposure to the toxic chemical sodium azide, which is used in at-home test kits as a preservative. Side effects from exposure to the substance can range from allergic reactions to low blood pressure. According to Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor of the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, “accidental exposure is occurring in both children and adults.”


While COVID-19 protocols are lightning, compliance still seems stuck in the same “Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t” place they were months ago.  The team at Workplace Safety Screenings are experts in worksite COVID-19 mitigation practices. We make it our priority to help businesses like yours navigate workplace safety, whether it is dealing with the oldest and most common safety issues or the unprecedented challenges of a viral outbreak. With our on-site testing services, your employees can skip potentially exposing themselves to the toxins found in some self-testing kits.


We’ve all been warned that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere and we will continue to battle the virus and its new strains the same way fight off the annual flu. We can’t make the virus disappear, as we are continually being told, it is here to stay., but we can help you mitigate the threat with wise and reasonable safety measures. Incorporating Covid testing and offering vaccines as part of your standard worksite safety plan can benefit you and your employees.


Make On-Site Testing Available to Your Worksite


What is an Antigen Test?

Using a nasal swab, this test will detect proteins for a live SARS-CoV-2 virus. Antigen testing offers rapid results and will confirm an infection in less than 15 minutes, even if the patient undergoing testing is asymptomatic and showing no obvious signs of infection.


What is a PCR Swab Test?

Also using a nasal swab, the PCR test searches for viral genetic material at the molecular level. This test is important to consider when an employee tests positive, as it can test other employees who have been exposed to the SARS-CoV2 virus to determine their ability to spread the virus to others, even if they are not displaying any symptoms.


What is an Antibody Test?

This test employs immunoglobulins in the bloodstream. IgM and lgA discovered with a blood test can distinguish between a patient who is in the midst of fighting the infection and one that has simply been exposed. It will also detect lgG antibodies to determine if the patient being tested has recently recovered from an infection. This test is highly sought after as it provides insight into susceptibility and immune response.



Workplace Safety Screenings has been on the front-end of making Covid-19 vaccinations available to worksites of all varieties. We have administered tens of thousands of vaccines to employers who serve at various stages in the world’s supply chain. Our designated staff are available to serve your business with policies and procedures that provide peace of mind to you and your workforce.


At Workplace Safety Screenings, we want to help your business view annoying Covid threats through the rear-view mirror using comprehensive safety measures, come what may. From training to on-site safety services, we make it our business to keep your business moving forward.

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