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What does the future of work look like?

These trends, recently published by the National Safety Council,  reveal the future of business--it's a business centered on your employees and the technology required to help them thrive in their roles and in their lives as whole people. Technology and business partnerships are becoming more essential in each element of the safety side of your business--in physicals and occupational medicine, drug and alcohol testing, and background screening. Let's take a closer look at three of these trends and how your safety team can help you move into the future. 

Lean, distributed, asynchronous work teams 

The who doesn't matter as much as the how. 

In the past, companies often chose to have their safety team and HR functions in house. Now, technology has enabled us to work with companies around the work in synchronicity, providing them better service at a lower cost. Our team specializes in safety--it's all we do. And we can make sure that the work gets done, on time, with quality, and within your budget. 

Safety & health embedded at core

Organizations of the future can and will succeed by leading with safety and health for their customers and their workforces.  

2020, like never before, put the spotlight on health and safety. However, our clients have been industry leaders on this front for years. They choose optional events, like wellness fairs, vaccine offerings, and automated physical abilities testing, to provide support for their employees in their health and well-being in their personal and professional life. Additionally, their mandatory safety events, such as fit testing and audiometry tests, are performed with accuracy and diligence in timing and recording. 

Thriving internal & external partnerships

Radical collaboration both inside and outside the organization of the future will be the norm 

Your third-party administrators need to be more than just an outsources entity that collects a check--they need to be part of your service team, providing top-quality service and watching out for your bottom line. Radical collaboration is only possible with a company that is as invested in you as you are in them. Need to "phone a friend"? Our lines are always open. 

Adaptation is necessary for survival. We're looking out for your business and what comes next to help you thrive day to day and year over year.

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