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The Rise of Drug Abuse & Your Business

Drug use is on the rise. In almost every measurable category, we see a surge in substance abuse. In light of these increasing numbers, the question becomes: How does the rise in drug abuse affect your business?

Drug tests might seem invasive, but the government actually requires testing before employment for many industries. For other industries, heavy machinery and equipment operation makes drug-testing policies a wise business practice. For others still, even if employees are not in a safety-sensitive position, employers may administer drug tests as both a way to deter low productivity or as an employee-wellness measure. Whatever the reason, drug testing can provide employers peace of mind as they bring on new staff and create long-lasting business relationships.


Government Regulated Drug Testing

It can be overwhelming for businesses that require compliance with government regulations, especially after considering all of the other responsibilities that come with owning and managing a business. Workplace Safety Screenings can partner with your business to determine how you can streamline your regulatory procedures to obtain and maintain governmental compliance using a tailor-made drug testing policy that will protect you and your employees.

An effective drug testing policy begins with education. Workplace Safety Screenings can evaluate your current drug-testing policies and determine your compliance with government agencies. The next step is training both supervisors and employees to understand the policy and how to efficiently execute the policy to create a workplace culture where all parties work together to build an environment where health and safety are a top priority. As you think about executing a drug-testing policy, you should ask these questions:

Is our current policy adhering to government regulations?

Does our current policy account for changes in government policy? Is it current?

Do employees at both supervisors and subordinate levels understand our policy?

Do we support our employees and work to make safety a priority in workplace culture?

Do we assist employees who are struggling with substance issues?

Do I have a liaison between staff and government agencies to stay compliant?


Workplace Safety Policy

While not every industry requires government regulations regarding drug testing, many businesses still benefit from a comprehensive drug-testing policy. Implementing such a policy can lower workplace accidents, absenteeism, and worker’s compensation claims. Testing before employment can protect your business from the costs that result from a bad hire, but is pre-employment screening enough?

Once a business takes on a new employee, there are many reasons to continue testing. Did you know that 70% of substance abusers are employed? Statistically speaking, it is likely that employees who engage in substance abuse are on your payroll now. The good news is, you are not without options.

Keep Testing, Post Hire

If you have on-the-job accidents occur in your facilities, Post-Accident Testing can shed light on the situation. A positive test may explain why a situation occurred, whereas a negative test could still inform employers of ways to improve workplace safety.

An employee whose behavior is unusual or erratic might warrant a Reasonable Suspicion Test. This will allow your business to operate safely without incident and offer an employee the opportunity to receive proper care.

Random Testing is a great way to combat the rising substance abuse problem plaguing our nation’s businesses. Because testing candidates are chosen randomly using a computer program, employees have an equal opportunity to be chosen from the pool of candidates each time. Random Testing also offers a little warning, which can deter employees from returning to substance abuse once they obtain a negative test and eliminate any bias in testing, whether real or perceived.


The bottom line is that drug testing saves money and can help businesses maintain a high safety record. It can also help shift the drug abuse statistics in a descending direction!

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