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Just Walk It Off: The High Costs of Delayed Medical Care

According to a Gallup survey, more and more people are delaying medical care because of costs. Added to the financial strain of receiving treatment is the time away from work when an hourly employee might not have the benefit of paid leave. Well over 50% of Americans are delaying care due to the associated costs.


The majority of working-age Americans — about 156 million people — have health coverage through a union or employer, but most pay at least a portion of the premium themselves, according to the survey. Even with employer coverage, 4 in 10 workers report trouble paying unexpected medical bills or covering deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs. - TruthOut


Those delaying medical treatment are not just the uninsured. A nationwide survey found that a high percentage of Emergency Room visits consisted of doctors treating those who did provide some form of medical insurance but delayed seeking treatment due to high deductible costs and skyrocketing out of pocket billing--- most of which a patient cannot know prior to seeking treatment. 


70% of emergency physicians are taking care of patients with health insurance who have delayed a trip to the emergency department (ED) as a result of high deductibles and high co-insurance, as well as high out of pocket expenses. -Forbes


All of this treatment delay not only negatively affects our economy, it also paves the way for an illness or injury to escalate and grow more serious during the period of delay. To make matters worse, many of the delayed medical needs are easily treatable.


Even in cases where most adults (89%) are in good health and have adequate health insurance, why do only 1 in 11 seek medical care because of costs?


Overall, almost 1 in 2 adults worry about their ability to pay medical bills if they get sick or have an accident. Over three-quarters of uninsured adults (78%) are very or somewhat worried about paying medical bills in case they get sick or have an accident. -Health System Tracker


While delayed medical care is a growing national problem, it also directly impacts your job site. If an employee sustains an injury while at work and delays or attempts to forgo medical care, the result could cost you more in the long run through delayed recovery time or by rendering an employee no longer capable of performing their duties. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, however, if not treated correctly the injury can begin to heal improperly, leading to chronic pain and the need for more invasive treatments down the road.


Workplace Safety Screenings recognizes this growing trend in medical care and offers a service to support your business and your staff. Our Injury Care recovery program is one benefit of an Occupational Health & Wellness Program designed to decrease the business costs associated with accidents and injuries. We employ a medical staff that is trained to care for accidents and injuries quickly and with the best of care. We also understand protocols associated with federally regulated programs and can assist businesses with re-onboarding an injured employee safely and in a timely manner.


Don’t waste time by delaying medical treatments for your staff that could lead to worsening conditions that will turn into a disability claim. Get your employees the care they need, onsite, day or night and with a team of trusted medical professionals. Call Workplace Safety Screenings to get started.


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