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When they Talk-the-Talk, but can't Walk-the-Walk: Claimed Abilities v/s Reality

As the economy ramps up, companies are hiring like mad. We’ve had more than a year of stalled supply chains as Covid shortages brought everything to a grinding halt, followed by a painfully slow restart. We understand that you’re ready to get your business back on the move, but don’t allow your enthusiasm to get in the way of making a good hire. Pre employment screenings, like Fitness for Duty exams (FFD), will give you a head start, because a bad hire could cause you to lose both your momentum (and money).


Why Can’t You Rely On the Basic Interview Process?

Candidates Overestimate Their Skills

As desperate as you may be to fill positions, potential employees are just as desperate to land the job. When creating a resume, candidates often list skills they believe themselves capable of or were capable of at one time. That doesn’t mean they’re intentionally dishonest, but it does mean that resumes, application forms and in-person interviews cannot fully determine job fitness.

Candidates Are Unaware of Their Limitations

In other cases, a candidate might be unaware or unwilling to admit physical or emotional limitations. Perhaps a potential employee became dependent on prescription painkillers for a legitimate ailment or injury. They might have become so accustomed to living life in an impaired state that they can’t recognize how dependent they’ve become on their medication. According to this article from the National Safety Council, “Over 75% of employers have been affected in some way by employee opioid use, with 38% experiencing impacts related to absenteeism or impaired worker performance.”

 An Employee Is Not Ready to Return

An employee returning from medical leave might be one of your most trustworthy staff members but, even with clearance by qualified medical professionals, they may not be ready to return to work. While on paper they appear fully recovered, they may not be able to perform all of their essential job functions. According to More Business, 60% of employees found that they had been unable to perform certain tasks after returning to work.”


As much as we hate to admit it, people do intentionally deceive. In fact, according to HireRight, 85% of job candidates admit to lying on their resume. While some of the 85% might have only slightly fudged on education or past salary, you don’t want to find out after an accident , that your candidate lied about their skill level or experience  Whatever the case may be, knowing the limitations of an employee by conducting a Fitness For Duty exam from Workplace Safety Screenings, along with other pre-employment screenings and Covid testing, will protect you and your employees from on-the-job injuries that can jeopardize their health, work-site safety and disrupt your daily business operations.

Will A Fitness For Duty Test Be Viewed As Discrimination?

Fitness For Duty exams are not designed to discriminate against any potential or returning employee with a disability. If a candidate is able to perform their duties or can easily perform their job duties with a reasonable accommodation from you, their employer, you can rest assured that you’ve made a quality hire. FFD testing is designed to give you insight into a candidate’s ability to perform daily job functions safely, correctly and without putting themselves and others in harm’s way. A FFD exam protects an employee.

Fitness For Duty Exams Get the Right People Into the Right Positions

There are times when, after conducting an in-person interview, you are certain that a candidate is a great fit for your team and would thrive in your company’s culture, but a FFD exam reveals they aren’t a right fit for certain positions. Knowing that upfront will preserve the relationship and allow you to move that candidate into a role that better serves the employee and your business.


Workplace Safety Screenings is your partner in finding the most qualified job candidates. With our on-site testing capabilities, we can determine the fitness of every applicant so that you can hire right and get new employees to work right away.


Save Money, Build Momentum & Make Quality Hires With Fitness For Duty Exams!


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