Everybody Wins: How Business Owners Benefit from Background Screenings

Background Checks are a necessity for employers, particularly employers who need to fill many positions quickly, but cannot afford to make a bad hire. Pre employment screenings protect you from the high cost of absenteeism, drug related accidents and injuries, the cost of replacing bad hires, excessive worker’s compensation claims, and more. The advantages of background checks aren’t just limited to those who doll out the paychecks. They benefit everyone in your workforce and anyone who comes inside your building. Everybody wins with a background check, but especially the employer.


Keep Everyone Safe

Background Checks provide civil and criminal legal information so that you can avoid hiring candidates who are a danger to other employees, as well as clients. It will also protect you from unknowingly placing sensitive information into the hands of dishonest or criminally inclined employees. That protection is both physical and financial.


Let Productivity Prosper

Pre employment screening helps you place the right candidates into the best positions. When you hire ethical, hard-working candidates and place them in the position where they have the greatest skills match, they will thrive. When an employee flourishes, they have greater job satisfaction which leads to better retention and a productive workforce with healthy profits.


Keep Everyone Honest

While it is not your job to manage the moral compass of potential employees, knowing they will undergo a background check will increase transparency among applicants. When job seekers understand that honesty is a tenant of company culture, it sets the expectations that deception is not tolerated among your ranks. When employees can trust each other, camaraderie is created, morale is boosted, and profits go up.


Lay Everything on the Table

Even the best job candidates occasionally come with a discrepancy in their background. Explaining youthful indiscretions during the pre screening process is embarrassing, but when an employee must be forthright from the start, it not only establishes expectations and builds trust. If that employee can sufficiently answer follow-up questions and provide the necessary documentation regarding anything flagged during the pre screening process, then the employee is free to move forward without any fear of being “found out” over an incident that can be easily explained away. 


Back Up Your Instincts

Perhaps an employee says all the right things and looks perfect on paper, but your gut tells you something isn’t right. Background screenings can expose what you suspected, while eliminating any potential discrimination claims. Because background checks are submitted to employers with a pass or fail result, employers can remove that candidate from consideration with no knowledge of the details.


Workplace Safety Screenings is in the business of helping employers improve the hiring process, but we don’t stop there. Our services extend well beyond an employee's first day on the job. From pre employment screenings, medical surveillance and drug testing  to Covid testing and on-site vaccinations, we can help you streamline workplace safety from start to finish. 


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