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PART 2 - Employment & Background Checks: What Do They Want To Know?

Why Is My Employer Asking For A Background Check? 

Last week, we discussed the basic info about employee background checks--- what they are, the wait time to receive results, a candidate's rights during the process, and more. This week we want to focus on the various kinds of background checks an employer might ask you to submit to. To review, organizations in virtually every industry sector might ask potential employees or volunteers to undergo a background check to determine your fitness to serve in that role, verify the information reported during the application process, and uncover any personal history that would disqualify you from the position. 

Is a Background Check Really Necessary?

Workplace Safety Screenings can provide organizations with any number of background screenings. In fact, we specialize in helping companies who have numerous positions to fill and those who hire within, create customizable packages to handle background screenings that serve the specific needs of that organization.


What Does a Background Check Search For? 

Civil Records Check

This check allows us to search for any civil court records filed by or against a candidate and all relevant information to their case. This type of search does not provide information relating to criminality but can still provide relevant information to a candidate’s fitness. Because state and federal civil records entail information regarding things like restraining orders, violations of regulations, and violations of civil rights, they are imperative to hiring decisions, particularly if a candidate is applying for a management role and/or sensitive information. 

Criminal History

While most employers do not automatically disqualify a candidate based on a criminal record, especially when studies show that gainful employment can reduce the likelihood of becoming a repeat offender, there are some types of criminal history that can eliminate someone’s candidacy for a particular role. When an employer asks for a criminal background check, they are trying to weed out any candidates who are likely to create an unsafe work environment or pose a threat to customers or clients. 

Global Watch List

This list allows a candidate's information to be run through a checklist to determine if that candidate has been identified as a terroristic threat, a fugitive, drug trafficker, human trafficker, or any other means as a national security threat or persons barred from doing business in the United States. 

Education and Certification Verification

This screening checks any information listed on an applicant's resume in order to verify schools attended, degrees earned or certifications that have been granted, especially if such certifications are required by the company or by federal law for the position being filled. 

Employment Verification

This screening will vet all of a candidate’s listed work history for the past 10 years to confirm that they were employed by the listed organization, their starting and ending salary, their reasons for leaving, and whether or not they would be eligible to be re-hired by that organization. 

DOT Compliance And Driving Records

Workplace Safety Screenings performs background checks based specifically on the federal requirements for the Department of Transportation so that employers can make sure they are following all federal guidelines for new hires, as well as maintain those requirements throughout the employees' duration of employment. We also conduct checks for driving and commercial drivers licensing records.  

Personal Identification

It is a federal law that employers verify that any new hire is legally allowed to work in the United States. Employers will run an identity check to determine if a potential employee is eligible for hire based on Immigration Reform requirements and to ensure that no aliases are being used in order to gain employment illegally. 

What Else Do I Need To Know About Background Checks? 

Workplace Safety Screenings wants to provide a comprehensive look at the background screening process. Of course, there are always specifics to any potential employee/employer scenario. The bottom line is, background checks are a necessary part of the hiring process and are conducted to protect both the rights of the candidate as well as the workplace safety of any potential employer. If you have additional questions or would like information about customizing screening services for your business, click here.


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