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The Role of Technology in Workplace Safety

Can Artificial Intelligence improve safety at work?

According to Voxel, an AI company based in San Francisco, it can. Voxel claims that its technology can decrease onsite injuries by over 80% and increase operational productivity by more than 20% using existing cameras. Their technology can recognize work safety hazards and alert human personnel to resolve the identified issue.


Similarly, Wizata, a digital platform for manufacturing optimization, explains how the Internet of Things or IoT is a unique smart system that uses tiny sensors to monitor individual machines, production lines, and employees for ensuring workplace safety.


AI is an exciting advancement. It feels so futuristic to consider that computers are so advanced they can protect us humans from human error, but what if your budget does not allow for such a sophisticated monitoring system? Are you resigned to ongoing and ever-increasing workplace injuries and illnesses? Another factor is to consider how employees respond to constant artificial surveillance.


"Change, technological or otherwise, always excites the imagination. And it often makes us a little uncomfortable."

- Guru Banavar, Harvard Business Review


While our opinions on the topic of AI are vast and varied, the bottom line is we are moving more and more towards this technological solution. What might be financially out of reach today will be the norm tomorrow. While we wait for the technology to become more affordable and available to the masses, workplace safety is still a top priority for those whose budgets cannot accommodate artificial intelligence, at least not in its most elaborate forms.


Workplace Safety Screenings offers affordable technologies that prioritize workplace safety without compromising on the human touch. Its innovative Occupational Health and Wellness Programs utilize BTE EvalTech, a wellness surveillance device that evaluates employees using a game-like simulator for assessing physical capabilities, abnormalities, or deterioration. This engaging tool can alleviate employees' anxiety during monitoring and offer useful feedback to maintain their health.


"Of course, there’s a potential dark side to this encroachment of AI into the workplace that’s likely to leave some employees feeling distinctly uncomfortable."

- Bernard Marr, Forbes


While there are potential drawbacks to the encroachment of AI in the workplace, Occupational Wellness and workplace safety programs are necessary and desirable. At Workplace Safety Screenings, we strive to provide information that safeguards employees' health and your business's interests while respecting their privacy and bodily autonomy. We remain at the forefront of technological advancements while keeping the costs reasonable for businesses. Let Workplace Safety Screenings help you build confidence in your workforce with our customized Occupational Health and Wellness Programs using BTE EvalTech.


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