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Safety Signage to Consider for Your Business

2020 brought us the re-establishment of signage as an essential aspect of any business. However, there are signs you should be posting other than mask regulations and temperature checks to protect your workers. Common safety signs can protect your workers in your business environment.

Prohibited Access

In typical workplace operations, there are areas that have restricted access. In the case of some businesses, this can be entire campuses or buildings. Don’t take it for granted that all employees are aware of the restriction. A simple OSHA safety sign such as “Authorized personnel only” conspicuously placed, can save confusion, and potentially protect employees. Whether it’s the new team member, a family member delivering a gift, or the Uber Eats driver, eye-catching safety signs that are reminders of controlled access spaces protect everyone. 

Mandatory Equipment

An employee once walked into the chemical plant where he worked to begin his shift, and without any recollection as to why, he realized that he had opened the door, turned around, closed the door, and walked 50 feet away form the building on instinct. That instinct likely saved his life, because the door he opened was to a chlorine processing operation that had gotten out of hand. He would have died shortly if exposed without a respirator.

Signs with mandatory equipment can help and protect your employees, even when they know the routine. These danger signs should contain both instructions and reminders. Before an employee begins work in a hazardous exposure area he or she should be trained on the proper use of PPE. However, these signs again protect employees who many not be paying attention or are focused on another task.

Emergency Equipment

Every home has a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit, and every business should be the same. Unlike in your home, however, everyone may not be versed on the location of these emergency equipment pieces. There should be signs posting employees in the direction of these needed items. Also, consider signage for your AED, emergency phone, or any other emergency equipment you may keep on hand. A fire extinguisher is no good if no one knows where to find it.

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