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Prescription Drug Use in the Workplace

You probably already know the answer to the question, "How do I pass a drug or alcohol test?" First Lady Nancy Reagan had it right in the 1980's when she spearheaded the "Just Say No" campaign. It's that simple. If you want to keep your job, stay safe, be healthy and pass your company's drug and alcohol tests, then don't use illegal drugs or drink too much alcohol. 

Of course, if it's so easy, why isn't everyone just saying no? Technological advancement and Internet access give us an overwhelming amount of choices and access to drugs. Today, the issue is no longer simply the abuse of illegal drugs.  In fact, abuse of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, has actually decreased over time, while abuse of prescription drugs has been on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic in a 2009 study, to their point the CDC are now finding that opiates overdose deaths skyrocketed in women. While it may be easier to obtain and abuse legal drugs, the decision to do so is risky and may have detrimental repercussions. Unwise personal decisions may have direct and undesirable consequences on an individual's professional life. Furthermore, drug overdose death rates in the U.S. have tripled since the 1990's, which is reason enough to reconsider the use of prescription drugs. 

Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise

Texas has enacted some of the toughest prescription abuse laws in the country, so the continuing abuse of these drugs in the workplace has left many employers scratching their heads. Drug use has increased significantly among workers over the last decade, leaving employers vulnerable to risks. When employee drug use is prevalent, it not only increases the risk for the individual, but also becomes a liability for the employer. Well-developed policies can deter drug use.

Drug testing in Houston businesses can be a major influence on an employee’s decision to refrain from drug abuse. Well-established policies that address both legal and illegal drugs, make employees think twice. Awareness of the possibility of being tested with clearly defined consequences for failing a drug test pushes individuals to avoid such vices. Drug testing in Houston businesses reduces risky behaviors by employees, safeguards the business from substantial costs and protects the company's assets. 

More often than not, employees guilty of drug use have already researched techniques to pass drug tests. While there may be a number of approaches to avoid failing a drug test, the only way to succeed is to simply refrain from drug use or abuse. Recent developments in drug testing methods have created a fool-proof system that is difficult to outsmart.

Employers are at an advantage when the company is proactive in implementing strategies that deter drug use. Drug testing in Houston businesses has become an essential avenue to address growing concerns about the abuse of prescription drugs. Effective drug testing policies that include measures to identify prescription drug abuse foster a productive, safe, and drug-free workplace. Facilitating employee wellness and workplace safety ensures better business operations.  

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