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National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January serves as National Human Trafficking Month

Understanding Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global issue that affects millions of people worldwide. It involves recruiting, transporting, and exploiting individuals through force, fraud, or coercion. This crime knows no boundaries. As we bring in the new year, remember that January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in the United States. At WSS, we're committed to joining the nationwide effort to combat human trafficking and boost awareness in the transportation sectors. Shedding light on this issue is crucial to eradicating it and supporting survivors. As January serves as National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, this is a time the President has dedicated to raising awareness and educating about this crime.

The Different Forms of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking takes various forms, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Other forms include child trafficking, organ trafficking, and forced marriage. Understanding these different forms helps us identify and address instances of human trafficking effectively.

Ways You Can Combat Human Trafficking

 1. Learn the indicators.

2. If you are in the United States and believe someone may be a victim of human trafficking, call the 24-hour National Human Trafficking Hotline  at 1-888-373-7888

3. Health Care Providers: Learn how to identify the indicators of human trafficking and assist victims. With assistance from local anti-trafficking organizations, extend low-cost or free services to human trafficking victims. Resources from the Department of Health and Human Services can be found on their website.

4. For Businesses: Provide jobs, internships, skills training, and other opportunities to trafficking survivors. Take steps to investigate and prevent trafficking in your supply chains by consulting the Responsible Sourcing Tool and Comply Chain to develop effective management systems to detect, prevent, and combat human trafficking.

5. For Parents and Caregivers:  Learn how human traffickers often target and recruit youth and who to turn to for help in potentially dangerous situations. Host community conversations with parent-teacher associations, law enforcement, schools, and community members regarding safeguarding children in your community.

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