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Don't Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch: The Hidden Cost of Toxic Employees

The cost of hiring the wrong employee goes well beyond replacing that employee, or even the time and money that might have been lost on training the wrong employee. Company morale takes a hit with every bad hire, and it can create a domino effect of hidden costs.


80% of employee turnover can be the result of a bad hiring decision, but where (and when) does that end?


"One subpar employee can throw an entire department into disarray. Team members end up investing their own time into training someone who has no future with the company." -Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite


Notice how he didn’t stress hiring the worst employee, but subpar. The wrong hire can jump ship taking the financial investment you’ve made with them, but what about a bad hiring decision that doesn’t leave? A disruptive employee can do damage in a short period of time, but the one that sticks around can be toxic.


60% of bad hires will negatively affect the performance of other team members.


I call them toxic because not only do they cause harm but they also spread their behavior to others. There’s a pattern of de-energizing, frustrating or putting down teammates.” Christine Porath


Employees Who Jeopardize Compliance

Some new employees may be used to a different set of protocols and procedures used in other job roles. They want to maintain the way their own “how to”  because they feel more comfortable and efficient performing tasks in the way they are accustomed. They may reject performing tasks the way that are mandated  for your industry and encourage others to do the same. Pretty soon, a well-meaning employee has knocked you out of compliance.


“They constantly demotivate co-workers by teaching them the right way to do things. They are always found interfering in other’s work by looking at the project with their vision only.”


Employees Who Disrupt Other Employees

Some employees are not team players. They can cause disruption by stirring up dissension among your existing staff by way of gossip, forming cliques, openly criticizing your leadership or the company itself or by showing up with a bad or argumentative attitude. Pretty soon, other employees start doing extra work or asking fellow employees to do extra work just to avoid interaction with the new hire. This disrupts workflow and good employees grow weary. The position you filled to relieve those employees becomes an additional burden on them. Soon, they may be seeking employment elsewhere.


How many good employees will you have to replace?


A study on Incivility by Weber Shandwick showed that 24% quit a job due to an uncivil workplace, 14% fired or threatened to fire someone because they were acting uncivil at work.


Employees Who Disrupt Management

Bad hires can be the most ambitious. They quickly brush up to anyone in a leadership role, but their helpfulness to management is self-serving. It can be as simple as wanting their superior’s job. Other times they want access to power that positions them over other employees, even if they do not have direct authority. While leadership might not interact with them enough to understand their ulterior motives, other employees do. Good employees start to feel targeted or undermined and might go in search of a more positive work environment.


“Whether this person is intentionally challenging your leadership, or is unaware of the effect of their behavior, their actions are harmful for them, for you, as well as for the rest of your staff.”-


39% of businesses report a productivity decrease as a result of a bad hire. An unstable workforce and slowed production can give clients the wrong impression.


While drug tests and background screenings are a must-have for uncovering obvious threats to your workforce, background screenings also detect the not-so-apparent traits that could damage your organization. Whether a potential employee is likely to steal from you directly or by robbing you of the company culture and high morale you’ve cultivated over the years, you will pay for the mistake either way.


Workplace Safety Screenings are experts in helping company’s hire right. Our pre employment screening services tell you everything you need to know so that you can make the most informed hiring decisions. Reduce turnover and save money when you hire right with Workplace Safety Screenings. 


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