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Creating a Drug-Free Policy That Works For Everyone

Some employees might resent a drug testing program at work, whereas others understand it as an inevitable part of obtaining employment in certain industries. Whether you are a private business working to boost the safety of your work environment or you hire employees for the transportation industry, a well organized drug-free policy can be a positive for you and your employees. According to Dr. Patrick Dixon of Global Change, Ltd. Drug testing is a “proven, low cost strategy which identifies those needing help, reduces demand, cuts accidents and sick leave, improves attendance and increases productivity.”


Be Upfront With Your Drug Testing Policy

Some industries are legally required to administer drug tests. If your employees do their work on a plane, train or public transit system, drug testing is required. But even if you are running a drug testing program out of preference, take a cue from government policy. Have a clear and upfront drug testing agreement that you offer to each employee as a condition of the hiring process. Make sure it is seen, understood and acknowledged in the form of an employee signature, preferably with a witness or with a con-signature from HR. This will save you a world of trouble in the event that an employee feels targeted or if drug testing is not required for every member of your staff.


Don’t Forget These Drug-Testing Protocols

Define which substances are prohibited under your policy.

List the type of test(s) your company will administer.

Ensure confidentiality for all employees, regardless of test outcomes or termination.

Make sure every employee has a signed copy of the drug policy.


What Happens When an Employee Tests Positive?

Your drug policy should never stop with only the how, when and under what circumstances a drug-test is to be performed. Your policy should also include the process by which you handle positive test results. For example, does your company offer a rehabilitation program or probation process or does a positive test translate to immediate termination? Can an employee who has been terminated reapply for another position after a certain amount of time or if they have met certain requirements to ensure compliance with your company’s drug-free policy? All of these questions should be included in your company’s policy and made available to every employee prior to testing.


Make Workplace Safety The Top-Down, 24/7 Standard

While you have every right to perform a drug test, many employees feel this measure is invasive or violates their right to privacy. That’s why it is important to make safety a major pillar of your company’s culture. It is best to reinforce your commitment to a safe, drug-free environment often so it is understood that drug tests are administered to promote the safety of all employees, and never an act to target a particular employee.


Objective & Confidential Drug-Testing Programs

One of the most effective ways to create employer neutrality is to hire an objective-third party like Screenings. We can draft a comprehensive drug-free policy and implement a random testing program that is completely impartial. This removes any potential claims by employees that the drug testing policy, or the consequences that flow from it, are biased or unfair towards any one employee or department. It also gives employees the confidence that the test and the results are fair and confidential.


For more information on how Workplace Safety Screenings can partner with your business to boost workplace safety and increase your bottom line, click here.

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