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Calculating ROI of Safety Programs in 2021: New variables for consideration

This is the first in a five-part series by WSS on maximizing the ROI of your safety program in 2021.

Safety programs that include drug testing, background checks, and occupational medicine are not new, and, for many businesses, are an essential part of the budget every year. However, as we look to 2021 budgets, there are some critical changes to be aware of and some standards that should not be abandoned at any cost.

As you budget 2021, consider prioritizing on-site drug testing, COVID-19 testing, vaccines for COVID-19 and the flu, machine assisted physical assessments, ongoing and targeted background checks.


On-site drug testing: The best ROI is also the safest option for your team

For years, WSS has been recommending on-site drug testing. The rate of return is as high as 400% within two years. However, when budgets are tight and businesses have not seen any ROI on drug tests, they are hesitant to invest. As we look to 2021, let’s talk about the difference between an industry-standard drug testing program and an expertly executed drug testing program.  

Industry standard drug testing program

Many businesses have become accustomed to an average drug testing program, in which offsite tests are offered, drug collectors are low wage employees who have minimal training, or random programs are not truly random and influenced by internal management. These programs deliver zero results and are the result of corporate seeking to put a program in place to meet compliance guidelines. If you are seeing zero positives, and your drug testing company tends to retest the same employees, you are wasting your money. 2021 is the time for a change. 

Workplace Safety Screening drug testing program

About 90 percent of the time we test, we find positives. How is that possible? First, in every business you have drug users. One in every 20 workers in your business is using drugs; in some industries, it’s one in every 10.

However, many of these users have experience evading drug tests. We have seen more this year than ever with fake/synthetic urine on hand, and we’ve seen every drug test evasion technique you can imagine. Our team can spot these attempts because our collectors are trained; many specimens are identified as non-negative likely before they’re even sent to the lab.

Secondly, we always recommend on-site drug testing. The alternative, off-site testing, creates opportunity for drug abusers to beat the test. We recommend on-site mobile drug testing to all employers because on-site testing delivers the best return on investment of any drug screening service. 

The benefits of on-site drug testing are simple:

  • Greatly reduced employee downtime. No more travel time to the clinic or wait time at the clinic, or maybe even a trip home or to run an errand. The average employee’s away time from the office for drug testing three to as much as four hours. That’s money thrown away—most businesses cannot afford to pay half a day’s wages for no work regularly.
  • The “errand” is often to source a urine sample to substitute or to purchase synthetic urine--both strategies to beat the test.  With on-site testing, there is less chance of adulteration (i.e., tampering or manipulation of a specimen). This allows for maximum quality control.
  • Eliminated liability of having employees driving in Houston traffic during office hours.
  • Convenience. The necessary supplies and technicians will be brought to your workplace, and you can schedule large sessions with short notice.
  • COVID-19 and flu risk mitigation. Our team is observing all safety protocols, and we will come to your workplace in appropriate gear, clean all surfaces, and instruct employees on safety protocols.

Are you ready to see a real return on investment from your business’ drug testing program? Download our free, comprehensive guide to on-site drug and alcohol testing to learn everything you need to know in order to plan a testing event at your place of work. 

Have questions about the number of employees using drugs at your workplace? Check out this calculator from the National Safety Council to determine the number of users likely in your business as well as the cost to your business.

Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7
Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7 ~ SCHEDULE A TEST
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