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Build your business by finding the best candidate

Workplace Safety Screenings offers affordable and comprehensive pre-employment screenings to help businesses make the most of every dollar. The cost of bad hires and high turnover is expensive and avoidable and the importance of employee screenings for the small business cannot be stressed enough.

The cost of a bad hire can be as much as 30% of that employee's annual salary
Ouch! The best way to minimize the costs associated with replacing employees is to make sure you hire right, right from the start. In today’s market, “Now Hiring” signs are posted across every industry, in businesses big and small. That’s sensational news for our economy, but can give a new employee the idea that if it doesn’t work out with you, there will be a new job, just around the corner... literally.


Does your small business have time and resources to train new employees? If not, vetting skilled employees who are equipped for their role makes pre screening applicants a “must.”
 Small businesses like yours require more nimble operations where each employee is required to wear more than one, proverbial hat. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to bad hires, because the costs associated with replacing employees or cleaning up a mess left by a dishonest employee can be crippling for the smaller business. When you do hire right, however, you can reduce costs, build morale and boost your ROI.


30% of small businesses fail within the first 2-3 years. Find employees who are committed to your small business success

Employee theft costs U.S. businesses $50 billion, annually. According to Statistic Brain, “employee theft accounts for over 42% of US store inventory loss each year. It also leads to 33% of US bankruptcies.” Those statistics are magnified for small businesses who are working with less start-up capital and lower profits, especially in their first years of business.


Now that you made a great hire, how can you keep your new employee?

Industrial industries have among the highest turnover rates. According to, “employers spend about $7,000 to replace every warehouse worker” who walks out on the job, with a year-over-year increase of 25,000 annually. The transportation industry has an almost identical year-over-year increase.

Employers who show they care about workers and value employee input increase morale and job satisfaction that leads to greater employee retention. Workplace Safety Screenings can customize ongoing employee services that work for your specific business needs and budget. From wellness fairs to occupational health management and incentive programs, we want to help your employees get plugged in, stay healthy and stick with your company.

 75% of employee turnover causes are preventable.


Temporary Hires: How much damage can one employee cause in a short period of time?

95% of businesses have experienced theft, and 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer once. Small businesses might think that pre-employment screening costs outweigh the benefits for temporary employees, but nothing could be further from the truth. Temporary employees can have a less invested mindset in your business than permanent employees. It’s imperative to make sure a new hire will help increase productivity during the busy seasons rather than slow it down.

  • Temporary employees can lead to permanent job roles, so hire and train the best candidates.
  • Hire high-quality employees who can jump in and maximize productivity during your busy season.
  • Support your loyal and hardworking full-time employees by hiring a quality seasonal support team.

Do you need to hire seasonal employees to support production backlogs and busy seasons, but want to make sure your temporary employees are an asset, not a liability? Invest in pre-employment screenings from Workplace Safety Screenings.

Pre employment screenings allow you to find first-rate employees in a short period of time to provide you with peace of mind. With our help, you can be certain that your workforce is aiming to see your small business become a successful one.

Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7
Discover better on-site drug and alcohol testing, 24/7 ~ SCHEDULE A TEST
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