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EvalTech is a piece of technology that provides Workplace Safety Screenings with a comprehensive way to help customers like you evaluate and manage your workplace assessment program.

EvalTech advances testing protocols by “providing the most peer-reviewed and legally defensible evals with automated reports untouched by manual data entry.”

What is Physical Abilities Testing (PAT)? 

Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) refers to a set of assessments designed to evaluate an individual's physical fitness and functional capabilities for specific job roles or activities. These tests are often used by employers to ensure that candidates or employees can meet the physical demands of a particular job. The goal is to assess whether an individual possesses the necessary strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination required to perform the essential tasks of the job safely and effectively. 

Physical Abilities Testing is commonly used in fields that involve physically demanding work, such as law enforcement, firefighting, emergency services, construction, and certain military roles. The specific tests may vary depending on the nature of the job, but they often include tasks that simulate real-world job activities. 

Examples of physical abilities tests may include:

  • Aerobic Capacity Test: Measures cardiovascular fitness and endurance, often involving activities like running or cycling for a specific duration.
  • Strength Tests: Assess muscular strength and endurance through exercises like lifting weights, carrying objects, or performing push-ups.
  • Agility Tests: Evaluate the ability to move quickly and change direction, typically involving activities like running through an obstacle course.
  • Flexibility Tests: Measure the range of motion in joints and assess flexibility through exercises like stretching or reaching.
  • Balance Tests: Assess stability and coordination through activities that challenge balance, such as standing on one leg or walking on a narrow beam. 

Why you should use physical abilities testing

The purpose of these tests is to ensure that individuals can perform their job duties without posing a risk to themselves or others. It helps employers make informed decisions about hiring, placement, or promotion based on an individual's physical capabilities.
It's essential that these tests are fair, job-related, and comply with legal and ethical standards to avoid discrimination and ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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What is the EvalTech Machine?

The BTE EvalTech has a game-like stimulation for employees and applicants, keeping them entertained and amused throughout their experience, making it much more likely for them to accurately finish their assessment. Additionally, the employer can choose to replicate any work-like setting for the duration of the assessment.


Being able to test so specifically, “from isolated joint testing, to functional testing, to full Functional Capacity Evaluation – you have the ability to establish objective baseline strength and range of motion measures, pinpoint deficiencies, identify asymmetries, and more.”

How does the EvalTech work?

The employer can enter the requirements for the job (e.g., lifting 50 pounds). BTE EvalTech uses isometric evaluation, which means that it assesses each individual's isometric strength, then provides a baseline for that employee, which can be measured against the pre-set requirements. There is little to no chance of injury during the test, and the accuracy is far higher than a typical physical assessment. This has dramatically reduced the number of worker's compensation cases for companies that choose to employ the BTE EvalTech. 


What is EvalTech?

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