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Where the Boys Are: Alcohol Abuse in Male-Dominated Industries

Research shows that male dominated industries, particularly the construction industry, have an above the national average rate of alcohol abuse. There are several factors that contribute to this reality, one of which is age. It is no wonder that those at greater risk for abuse are in the age range under 25 years, which would also be a prime age for performing outdoor, physical labor.


“One in six construction workers reported workmates being visibly affected by alcohol in the workplace.”


The mining industry sees similar numbers in males from 18-25. Alcohol is the most abused substance in the mining industry, but opioid use for minors is also above the national average. Mining is a physically grueling and dangerous job. Mining work demands long shifts in isolated work conditions, making it an industry ripe with opportunity for elevated stress levels and depression. As a “go to” coping mechanism, alcohol and substance abuse are top of the list.


“One of the characteristic signs of a substance abuse problem is the deterioration of workplace performance. The cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impairment that results from drug or alcohol use can affect productivity, morale, and even the safety of other coworkers.” American Addiction Centers


Truck driving also comes with a particular set of workplace hazards. The job requirement for truckers can be monotonous, as well as socially isolating. Truckers may not have “co-workers” in the traditional sense, but on-the-job alcohol abuse is dangerous for everyone on the road. The Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have stringent regulations when it comes to alcohol use for truckers, these apply to drivers who are on or off duty.


Roughly 500 commercial truck accidents happen each year due to alcohol intoxication.


These are just three examples of high-stress jobs that combine danger, isolation, heavy workloads and long hours, all which can lead to substance abuse issues that put employees, their co-workers and your entire organization at risk. While these numbers appear grim at first, this knowledge arms business owners and managers with safety initiatives to combat substance abuse issues. When you understand the problem, you can protect everyone from the physical, emotional and financial strains associated with drugs and alcohol.


Workplace Safety Screenings is the leader in workplace safety and occupational wellness. We can craft a program that is tailored for your specific business and industry and help you maintain and exceed your compliance with government regulations and documentation.

  • Prevent Bad Hires with Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Provide Training to Employees on the Dangers of Substance Abuse
  • Train Managers on How to Spot the Signs of Impaired Workers
  • Conduct Reasonable Suspicion Test & Post Accident Screenings
  • Maintain Compliance with All Required Government Regulations


While male-dominated, labor-intensive industries top the charts for substance abuse, we are working to see those numbers shift in the other direction. Through best practices for workplace safety, top-notch safety programs and return-to-work testing criteria, we can help you mitigate the risks associated with substance abuse.Click here for more information about drug testing and our substance abuse safety programs.


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