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The Cat and Mouse Game of Beating a Drug Test

Your employees, not all but some, are trying to beat your drug tests. The DOT presents clear guidelines for how to defeat the top five ways employees try to beat drug tests. However, there’s been further developments. While the basics haven’t changed—people will try to spike, substitute or dilute a urine sample—the methods of doing so have become more inventive.  An estimated $600 million industry has developed around beating drug tests according to a recent report in Huffington Post.

As the owner of a Houston mobile drug testing company, I see all kinds of interesting ways people try to beat the tests ranging from attempts to dilute the sample by simply drinking copious amounts of water to actually adding something such as bleach or a chemical in an attempt to “clean” the urine. (Don't expect it to work, by the way.)  But if you are not in the business of conducting daily drug testing, you may not be aware of some products available intended to mask drug use—even in cases of direct observation—through elaborate methods of substitution.

Attempts to Beat the Test 

The old school method was to hide a prophylactic or something similar on your body filled with a “clean” urine sample from someone who could pass a drug test.  Simply substitute the clean urine for yours and who will know, right?  However, if your collector is looking for visual and temperature irregularities, this method is highly unlikely to work. When the sample doesn’t make it past the initial visual and temperature screening, the employee will simply be asked to provide a sample under direct observation

While it seems like it would be tough to get around that one, it’s not impossible—thanks to a product called The Whizzinator Touch, described as, “ . . . the best looking, most realistic fake penis on the market.”  It’s available in five skin tones complete with “medical grade” urine and easy instructions. Lest you fear there is nothing suitable for the ladies, The Whizz Kit is also for sale. This is billed as a “unisex,” refillable belt. It comes with heat packs, temperature strips and three ounces of synthetic urine for less than half the price of the Touch.  On a budget? Not subject to direct observation? Just need something for a one time use to beat the pre-employment drug testThe Golden Flask is the best bet at less than $30. 

You get the picture. And, if you don’t, you can easily check it out for yourself online--complete with video. The Whizzinator is not a new product. The original Whizzinator gained notoriety in 2005 when former Minnesota Viking, Onterrio Smith, was caught with one while going through airport security. In 2008 the parent company was shut down and the owners pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia and defraud the United States government. Both were sentenced in 2010, with one serving jail time.  They also had to give up the rights to the name--which apparently has not stopped others from acquiring it. In recent years, variations of the product have resurfaced—now marketed as sex toys. Whizzinator Touch--just one of several you can find online--is even appealing to its market via a recently launched blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed—carefully crafted to skirt the issue of using the product for drug testing, but clearly targeting a market who might be willing to take it for a test drive for other purposes. 

Can A Whizzinator Beat Our Drug Tests? 

No. Synthetic urine may work for certain pre-employment drug tests that don’t necessarily follow the strict protocols we use at WSS. (Our specialty is DOT compliance, so we follow procedures that make it tough to sneak something past us). The liquid pre-mixed synthetic urine does not have the appearance or smell of real urine. It will get rejected either at the collection site or at the lab. There are at least 10 states, including Texas, where it is illegal to promote the sale or use of synthetic urine as a way to pass a drug test--which is what got the original inventors in trouble in the first place.  Still, the product and others like it are readily available via the Internet, so we want you to be aware. In the cat and mouse game of trying to beat a drug test, who do you think will win?  Add a comment to let us know.  Share this blog post with others you think might want to join the conversation.




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